Alternative medicine

Before I start, this isn’t an alternative medicine vs modern medicine face-off. This is an article on people, and why research is important.

The more independent (this is important because pharmaceuticals are the devil) statistical analyses of homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic treatment I read, the more I believe that these pseudosciences are not the benign, harmless, “if you believe it, go ahead” concepts I had originally thought, but are in fact quite harmful.

Too many people are turning to these treatments where in actuality, they need proper help (I’m not hating on all alternative medicine, read the note at the bottom).

People tend to forget that science is not about proving concepts right, it’s about figuring out what is incorrect and iterating. A simple example is that you cannot prove that there are no white crows. You can only prove that there are black crows. You may hypothesise that there are no white crows, and that hypothesis can be proved incorrect if a single white crow is discovered.

Science is not fact, it is hypothesis, but it is the best we have, and it hurts to see people put their health, and the health of their children (I’m looking at you anti-vaccers) at risk by relying on practices that have proven to be ineffective.

Study after study (not sponsored by Big Pharma) show that homeopathy does not have any more effectiveness than a placebo. Scientifically, the dilution amount (20C – 30C, C being 1:100 dilution in water) in homeopathy exceeds Avagadro’s Constant which in effect means that the original solution does not exist, even in essence, yet people swear by it as if it were religion.

I’m not suggesting that people stop trusting alternative medicine. There are many, many examples of where it is effective. Hell, western medicine has it’s own major flaws. I’m just trying to encourage people to think, do a bit of reading, and make the best-informed decision possible (which I think is important when it comes to your own health).

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